Each and everyone of our Phoenix spreaders has been designed to allow for the Clamshell option. This addition to your manure spreader can be easily added on during your new build or in the future.

With a touch of a button, large rocks and debris are easily removed for your machine and you can carry on with ease!

If your looking for a machine that is low in maintenance costs, the Veritical Beater Model is your machine! The direct drive and heavy duty hydraulic motors have eliminated the use of gear boxes and mechanical drivelines which in turn prevents the wear and tear on your equipment.

The beater itself has been designed with thicker wall tubing, which allows the beaters to stay true. Each paddle is connected together with re-enforced plates allowing the spinner trays to pick up anything that missed.

We all know that large rocks can be a pain when spreading. No double beater can pass through large rocks, thus the reason for the clamshell, which is incorporated on all our vertical beater designs. This clamshell allows large rocks to dropped to the ground and picked up at a later time.

Has twine been a problem for you? Not now! We have added special stainless steel twine cutters to ensure twine stays at a minimal length!

Model #1230 -24 foot box

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Horizontal beater design

MOdel #920 CS

HOrizontal Beater With Clamshell

model #880 VB

Vertical Beater Design

Our Horizontal Beater Model is our classic and most popular model and has been for over 40 years!  With a spreading width distance of approximately 14-16 feet, our horizontal 

models are at the top of spreading industry.

What makes our Phoenix spreader unique? It's our large, one piece, 48" beater design, which allows for consistent, optimal spreading with no lumps of manure left behind in the field. If its large rocks that concern you, this beater allows for those rocks to fall out between paddles!